Our unique selling points

We believe that the high calibre and expertise of our international Consultants is our unique selling point. In addition, all our consultants have experience at management level, in at least two out of the three main sectors; private, public and voluntary. We are therefore able to bring a wide range of perspectives to the specific needs of our clients businesses.

Our approach

At AAA Consultancy Services Ltd, we pride ourselves on our professional approach to business solutions, and are committed to providing practical, user friendly services at all times. We recognise and actively promote the need for ALL businesses to have:

  • Properly trained and committed stakeholders i.e. board members, staff, volunteers
  • Proper procedures, systems and controls to minimise common business problems
  • Practical solutions to business problems and challenges. This includes the need to plan and implement organisational change where necessary.

It is this business ethos that underlies all the services we provide and the support we give to each of our clients. We take the quality of our service delivery very seriously and always match the skills of our consultants to the needs of our clients; hence a preliminary needs assessment or evaluation is key to enabling us to develop an appropriate plan of work, with the agreement of the prospective client.

Our commitment to you

We recognise that, depending on the client’s needs, consultants from different areas may be needed to work on a particular project. We try to ensure that the client is happy with the project team at all stages of work delivery, including a completion evaluation which helps us in future project planning.

The benefits for you

  • Multi-skilled consultants who understand and value diversity
  • Strategic input combined with hands-on support
  • A range of expertise all in one place- legal, finance, management, etc
  • Voluntary sector expertise combined with good practice from other sectors
  • Projects delivered on time and to high professional standards

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