AAA Consultancy Services has succeeded in expanding into the international market, carrying out a range of projects in parts of Africa. Through the Sierra Leone based sister company, 3Aconsultancy Ltd, and in partnership with FJP Management Engineering, we can offer services in many parts of Africa. We provide management consultancy, accountancy and training services using consultants with a good understanding of both the local and international environment.

FJP Management Engineering, in its present form was launched in West Africa (the Gambia and Sierra Leone) in 1997. The roots of the firm are grounded in a leading accounting and audit practice set up in Sierra Leone in the 1960s, continuing in operation over that period until the 1997 transformation took place. The firm employs permanent executive directors and staff in the Gambia, Sierra Leone, and Liberia with associate entities in Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe.

The strategic partnership agreement between AAA Consultancy Services and FJP Management Engineering is a recognition that each business can draw on the strengths of the other, in terms of location, skills and market experience, to provide an enhanced range of services to local and multi-national clients. The international team brings together experience from the private, charitable and public sectors; major clients include the World Bank, USAID, African Development Bank and the European Union.

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