Business Support

Our mission at AAA Consultancy Services is simply “building your business”, and this is what we aim to help our clients to do.

Corporate Governance

Working with boards, directors and management to strengthen the governance structure of their organisations. Effective and efficient boards, made up of competent, independent minded Executive and non-executive directors are key to this. We work with organisations to ensure the recruitment, selection and training of directors, and enable regular reviews of the Board and the organisation’s effectiveness. We will assist with establishing and amending policies and procedures to improve the governance culture and make organisations better able to meet the challenges of their current market place.

Finance management

Central to the success of every business is the development of a comprehensive, easy to use, effective financial management and reporting system. Our consultants work with management and staff to identify the main finance related risks that the organisation faces. We facilitate the development of controls to minimise these risks and assist in designing reporting systems and procedures to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in financial administration. Where necessary we provide advice and training to staff on appropriate finance packages to meet the needs of that business.

Strategic Matters/ Business Planning

We work with board directors and senior management to develop the strategy of their business. We thus facilitate strategic planning and thinking sessions, and also assist in the production of a formal strategic plan for the business. Where a separate business plan is needed, we are happy to assist, as well as to develop budgets and cash-flows needed to achieve the strategic objectives developed as part of the strategic plan.

Risk and project management services

Risk assessment and management of identified risks is a crucial way for organisations to ensure that scarce human and financial resources are prioritised, and that robust plans are in place for the smooth operation of the organisation in the foreseeable future. We provide risk assessment and management services covering all areas of the business from health and safety, employment and other legal issues, to operational and business continuity risks.
In many cases management formulate a vision and strategy for the organisation that needs to be put into practice. They find, however that they do not have the skills or resources (time) in-house to manage these projects. They are thus forced to explore externally for project management expertise. AAA Consultancy Services Ltd is happy to provide practical “hands on” assistance in this area.

Our Project Management Services include


  • Project design
  • Project planning and set-up
  • Project reporting
  • Monitoring and evaluation

We do not only work on projects that we have had input in designing or planning. If your need is for independent monitoring, evaluation or broad review of your project, then we can help with providing this service. AAA Consultancy Services Ltd can provide a range of audit and project evaluation services; we understand the value of a “new look” at project outputs. Indeed, we recommend this approach for all projects we are involved in at project conception stages.

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