AAA Consultancy Services was set up in January 2000 to provide a range of services to new and developing businesses. By “business” we mean companies, partnerships and owner-run organisations in the private sector, and community groups, NGOs and other voluntary organisations in the not-for profit sector.

  • Corporate Governance advice and assistance
  • Financial management training, consultancy and coaching
  • Strategic assistance and advice to directors and management
  • Business planning, institutional development and change management
  • People development through training and coaching
  • Risk and project management support
  • A specialised range of services for the voluntary sector, recognising the unique needs of that sector

Our Unique Selling Point

We believe that the high calibre and expertise of our international Consultants is our unique selling point. In addition, all our consultants have experience at management …more

Our Approach

At AAA Consultancy Services Ltd, we pride ourselves on our professional approach to business solutions and are …more

Our Commitment to you

We recognise that, depending on the client’s needs, consultants from different areas may be needed to work on a particular project. We try to ensure that the client is …more

The Benefits to you

Multi-skilled consultants who understand and value diversity …more


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